The First at Home & Ergonomic Clinical Prolonged Sitting Program. This package includes both Mild and Severe treatment programs. “All Rights Reserved c. 2017”

The Prolonged Sitting Therapy Program

At Sedentary Health, our Therapy program is tailored to address the discomfort and muscle engagement required to maintain stability during long periods of sitting. Seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, our program places your well-being as a top priority by targeting the pains caused by extended sitting. By incorporating these effective exercises into your everyday activities, you can achieve remarkable results and an overall sense of improved well-being, all from the comfort of your chair. The Prolonged Sitting Therapy Program is specifically designed to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting, commonly known as prolonged sitting syndrome, through a comprehensive approach of targeted corrective exercises. These exercises focus on strengthening your core, stretching your hip flexors, activating your glutes, and performing mobility exercises. Sequentially performing these exercises is crucial to addressing muscle imbalances, enhancing posture, and improving stability. Additionally, our program emphasizes the importance of full-body strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and postural exercises to combat the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on your health and overall well-being. Consistently following our prescribed exercise routine, along with maintaining good movement habits, is essential for reducing discomfort and minimizing the associated health risks of prolonged sitting.

Enroll in our Sedentary Health program and unlock the gateway to a pain-free life. Gain access to a comprehensive set of 36 corrective exercises tailored to manage mild, maintenance, and severe pain. Delve deeper into our program with bonus exercises that further enhance your well-being. Each exercise comes with individual video instructions and supporting PDF documentation for optimal understanding and implementation. To kickstart your journey towards a pain-free existence, our introductory training video will guide you through the sequence of exercises, effectively realigning your body structure and addressing the root cause of your pain. Join Sedentary Health today and embrace the transformation towards a healthier, pain-free you.

Our Prolonged Sitting Program was exclusively designed with clinical based therapy excercises “All Rights Reserved c.2017”

NOTE; The only items you will need to participate in this program are a Yoga Strap and a Yoga Block. Both of these items can be found online through and at most retail stores that have a fitness department. You can obtain more information by reading the required accessories document that has been provided to you in the Prolonged Sitting Program.

                     For Active Individuals

           For Individuals with limited disabilities

  For Seniors and the Elderly

Posture therapy is often overlooked despite its significant contributions to physical well-being

Posture therapy, often undervalued, assumes a pivotal role in fostering physical well-being through evidence-backed merits. The significance of posture therapy lies in its profound impact on musculoskeletal health, averting injuries, and sustaining spinal integrity. Through meticulous attention to alignment, posture therapy addresses prevalent issues such as back pain, neck discomfort, and headaches. Beyond mitigating immediate physical concerns, it serves as a preventative measure against injuries, particularly in athletes and those engaged in physical activities. Furthermore, the therapeutic intervention enhances respiratory function, circulatory efficiency, and overall bodily performance. Beyond the physiological realm, posture therapy extends its influence to psychological well-being by bolstering confidence and positively impacting mood. As the workforce contends with technology-induced postural challenges, posture therapy emerges as a vital component in promoting ergonomic practices in the workplace. Embracing a comprehensive wellness paradigm, posture therapy offers a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and integration into healthcare and lifestyle practices.