“We’ve created the Sedentary Health: The Prolonged Sitting Program Exercises as a convenient solution for those who spend extended periods sitting. These exercises are tailored to counteract the negative impacts of prolonged sitting by integrating insights from anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology. While specific references aren’t provided, our recommendations are drawn from a diverse array of expert insights and publicly available information. Our aim is to offer practical exercises that seamlessly fit into daily routines to promote overall health and wellness.

For a deeper understanding of how each exercise targets and addresses the musculoskeletal effects of prolonged sitting, we’ve compiled detailed white papers outlining their benefits and mechanisms. These papers elucidate the preventive and therapeutic aspects of our program, providing valuable insights into its efficacy in mitigating the adverse effects of prolonged sedentary behavior.”

The key to receiving the full benefits of the Prolonged Sitting Program is to follow our meticulously crafted sequence of corrective exercises designed to bring your body into perfect alignment. Unleash the power of our gentle exercises, intricately designed to enhance your range of motion, activate nerve cells, and improve heart health.


“Unlocking the Power of Muscles: Supporting Stem Cell Function and Distribution for Tissue Rejuvenation”